Monday, 10 November 2008

It was my Happy B'day day

Yours truly is now 31.

The night of 8/9 November was spent partying and playing cards and the day (birth-DAY) was spent recovering (pregnancy changes more things than non-pregnant people can imagine), sleeping, missing all phone calls etc, and feeling irritated and groggy for no reason (thank you pregnancy harmones). Thus was celebrted my most non-happening and boring b'day.

Spoke only to Ma, Li’l and elder, and was made to speak to mother-in-law. Humph.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

A funny thing from the past just popped up in my memory

We had been married just a few weeks, and spent most of our time, well, setting up the house, getting to know more of each other, checking out furniture in every store in town etc. Soon after the house was all set up and nice and sexy, we had a free weekend. Hubby went to work for a few hours and I decided to clean the house, cook and have a bath (much against my no-bath-on-weekends principle).

Just as I was done with the work, Hubby arrived with a bunch of lovely gerberas, which he gave to me, along with a sexy kiss and a hug.

I asked, waiving my arm across the super clean, shiny living room, “Notice something?”

Hubby, “Got a haircut?”


Sunday, 2 November 2008

I'm back on my feet. Yey!

I woke before 7 am today (it's Sunday!) to say bye etc to some guests (who had long overstayed their welcome), with a foolproof plan of getting back into my pajamas and hitting the sack for at least three more hours. But, people, I'm so excited at finally being on my own in my own house, being able to wear my pajamas and walk all over, being able to feel and enjoy the quietness around the house, not having to engage in random, boring coughbelowparcough conversations that I'm not able to sleep. I'm checking out my favourite blogs and announcing the news of our pregnancy to those who've been hiding under 100-ton rocks, with the sound of the (new, shiny, FULLY AUTOMATIC) washing machine washing the guestroom's bed sheet and towels in the background. I can now actually eat whatever I want to, so to celebrate my new-found freedom, I've already had a custard apple for breakfast. Oh I love my day already! It's a bright, sunny, happy day. Maybe I should get out of the house.

I've been up for over an hour and have already eaten something and there's NO sign of morning sickness. Savitha was right, maybe all this sickness was an outcome of stress.

Bonus, people, bonus...I'm going home. I mean, Mom's place, where I can allow myself to rot, not move a finger, command Ma and Li'l and the maids to do anything for me, and catch up with friends, go to Dilli Haat, Sector 6 Market, Nirula's (HCF orgasm here), Cafe 100 (CP), Corriander Leaf (Gurgaon) and Noida and meet up with ex-colleague-cum-friends and ignore ex-boss. And...experience another season, winter. Delhi has seasons. One more point for meri Dilli, meri jaan.

La la la. I love my life, and will love your's too, if it were as nice as mine today. Love, hugs and kisses :)