Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Back after months (only to digress maybe)

It's been a long time since I was here the last time. A lot has happened. Lots of holidays. Lots of happy memories. Lots of work. Not much reading for pleasure, but a few new recipes. Hubby's been much more busy these past weeks than ever and I'm not really liking it. Who will? I'm in this strange, ugly, uninteresting city, with only work-friends for company. Duh. My real friends, M Y O W N friends, are in Delhi, Australia and Mumbai. And one of them doesn't even talk to me.
I bought a copy of My Three Mistakes in Life last weekend, but I wanted You are here. The store didn't have a copy of the latter, so I picked up the former. Hubby's in Kolkata, and has picked up a copy for me. One more reason to miss him. Not that any was needed. I miss him any way.
Leaving now, but will be back soon. Miss me babies.

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