Sunday, 7 December 2008

I went home and allowed Ma to pamper me

Trips to Ma's place (and by necessary implication, Delhi) have always been fun, except this time, when I was too tired and pregnant to enjoy myself or offer an enjoyable company. However, I did enjoy a brief dinner encounter with the neighourhood aunties and Bhabhis, who wasted no time in sharing their experiences and telling me what to do, not do, eat, not eat etc. That was the only time since we got pregnant that I enjoyed being pregnant, and although I was feeling tired and sick, I quite enjoyed the experience. Maybe because this may never happen again to me as we stay in Bangalore, with only two (currently childless) couples for company.

My three-week break from being a career woman and a wife was spent mostly eating and sleeping and feeling sick and crying and watching live coverage of the attacks on Mumbai and feeling sad and angry, but I was happy (those who've been here, done that know what I'm talking about).

I've never been the sentimental types, but I felt so guilty about leaving Ma that I cried my heart out at the airport and continued till I reached Bangalore, where I was very unceremoniously greeted by a bout of influenza (or common cold. Choose whichever you prefer. It makes no difference). This indeed was the last time I visited Ma 'alone'. The next time (and thereafter) I'll carry my 'bundle of joy' with me. I miss Ma.

I'm back in Bangalore and feel miserable and have become quiet (which is of much concern to Hubby because I have gone Q U I E T).

Sorry people, I cannot think of anything more interesting than mundane pregnancy talk as that's the only thing happening in my life. Rest all has taken a backseat.

We have started looking for names, and have finalised one, should a baby girl make her debut. If you have a nice name for a boy, please write in. Nice, BTW, does not mean names like Hritik and Hrohan (yuck) and also does not include names with any, however remote, religious connotation.

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