Monday, 22 July 2013

Hooked I am (or once was) to...

It wasn't until 2007 that I started reading blogs.

On a rainy day in 2007, a colleague mentioned that one of his college classmates had a widely read blog, but he didn't think it packed much punch. I decided to check it out. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I got hooked to the blogosphere. Over time, I've shifted loyalties with impunity. Here's a gist of how it all started and where I am today.
  1. She started the fire. Her blog was the first I ever read and I was instantly hooked to it. I lost steam after a year or so, around the time her first book came out. I read it with religious reverence. I don't read her blog any more, but I do follow her on Twitter.
  2. Claire makes me cry (or smile) with her writing. I found her around the time she lost her father, her only surviving parent, and like a devout pupil, I followed her through the sometimes-sad-sometimes-exciting journey of her finding her feet again, finding true love, and becoming a mother and a published writer. She doesn't write a lot these days. I don't know why, but I'm guessing the movie deal for her autobiography is keeping her busy. She's also the one person I've never met in person that I am most comfortable communicating with. Also, she always replies.
  3. Rohini hasn't written a whole lot this year, but whenever she writes, she makes me happy.
  4. This blogger is one mad momma and I love her for being exactly that. I like reading about how she's raising her two kids. I am also jealous of her tastefully done house. If only...never mind.
  5. Holly is one of the wittiest persons I've discovered on the internet. Until last year, she was writing about mundane things in her signature witty style. The she got pregnant and the blog became all things pregnancy. She had a baby last week and hasn't blogged since.
  6. Johnny is a funny, funny writer. I love how he describes even the most inconsequential things in a way that can make you choke on your saliva. 
  7. Ashish is a stand-up comedian and a 'seriously serious funnyman'. 
  8. Sahil writes film reviews in a comic or graphic novel style. Sometimes, his reviews are way better than the films.
  9. This is my Sunday morning fix. 
  10. When it comes to food, the oddly spelled the kitchn gives me inspiration. If it's Indian vegetarian food that floats my boat on a given day, I go to Archana or Nisha, or just attend of the many classes Deepali conducts (she's the reason my pesto or Hubby's carrot cake is a raging success every time it's put on the table).
Talking about food, I'll leave you with a picture of what I made this morning -- a layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sugary decorations. The boy was so excited, he had only cake for breakfast and lunch, and asked me to pack some for his school lunch tomorrow. So, yeah, I guess it was a success.
Cake chronicales

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