Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How the day spent me

Bore alert: This is a random post. If you want to go away, now is a pretty good time to do so. You've been warned.

What I planned to do yesterday:
  • Get a haircut (which always involves submitting my sparse and yet utterly unruly crop over to the dresser and keeping my fingers crossed) and try to sneak in an unscheduled facial appointment.
  • Drop a cheque at the bank.
  • Maybe visit the insurance office and pay the overdue premium.
  • Maybe pick up grocery. Noodles! Definitely visit the grocery store.
  • Maybe pick up the two serving bowls that the new dinner set is missing.
  • On the way back, hop into the library, return the compendium of celebrity interviews that I've thoroughly enjoyed and get an interesting book.
  • Take a long, relaxing bath and adore my new haircut.
  • Play with my sonny boy, help him with homework, allow him a bit of Jungle Book or Curious George time on YouTube, read him a book and put him to bed.

And then the driver called in sick. So, here's what I ended up doing:
  • Made a copious amount of pesto and finished it with the help of the hubby.
  • Taught the boy how to 'run' a sack race, first with a garbage bag (epic fail) and then with a large pillow case (super hit). The boy hopped all over the living room and stopped only when the pillow case ripped. But it was fun while it lasted.
  • Set up a play tent without any help from anyone and without referring to the user manual. 
  • Helped the boy with a bit of homework and let him watch TV for an hour. Yes, yes, judge me.
  • Watched the much-hyped and much-awaited interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami.
Meanwhile, my hair is a mess and the only thing I've read today is the newspaper. Oh, the noodles! I'm still craving noodles. 

Yet in all earnest I don't think I'll ever drive. Really.


  1. You could still manage a lot ..so what nothing as per the plan.. And btw it was not a bore read at all gal...

  2. Ha! Glad you didn't find it boring. I've learnt to spend my time better since I wrote this post. Now, I'm unstoppable :) How have you been, gal?