Sunday, 7 September 2008

Random thoughts

I had forgotten how it feels to laze around doing nothing. Love the feeling

I've been eating like a maniac for a week. Either I’m pregnant or I have worms in my tummy. In any case, there's life taking shape in my belly. Cheers!

People I can ask to make tea for me any time of the day: Hubby, Ma, Li'l (but she started obeying my commands only after got married; marriage is good!), Older

Wasn't I supposed to start working on my CV last weekend? And create an account with naukri etc? Why have I not done it? Am I really taken in by a comfy work life and a handsome package? What's wrong with me? Get your ass (actually the keys on your keyboard) moving, Babe.

Moment on Truth is a great show.

I miss Delhi. Sigh. Maybe I should find a job in Delhi.

That's it people. Can't think of more things. My mind keeps digressing.

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