Monday, 6 October 2008

May not digress today

Remember my last post in which I wrote about either being pregnant or having worms crawling inside me? As it turns out, we are pregnant. So, yeah, life is indeed taking shape in my belly. I 'saw' the heartbeat today, and cannot believe there's actually someone, a person (OK, a tadpole-like thing, which will most definitely grow up to be a cute, healthy baby) inside me. Pregnancy, however, has not been all that kind to me. Morning sickness (which BTW lasts ALL day) and shortness of breath make me want to kill myself every few hours. And why do women not talk about scans more often? The least they can do is hang banners in each city warning new moms about the scans, and also the fact that an ulrascan is actually carried out in TWO parts, external (the kind we all know about) AND internal! owe it to new moms and women planning a family.
Love Hubby even more when he sits with me helplessly, watching me fight the urge to throw up. Love him for all the smallest things he does to ensure I'm feeling ok. Makes me want to give him hickeys all over his face.
So people, I didn't digress today. Am I going to be an obssessed mother?

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